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Sept/Oct  2015

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Dennis M. Postema and Paul Mallett

A Successful Business Model Shapes the Independent Consultant



Are You A Coach Or Counselor?

In the past, our financial planning organizations were sole proprietorships. Today we see more financial planning teams and organizations. The “sole proprietor” has turned into a financial planning manager with new responsibilities of leading other planners, para-planners and administrative staff, and managing their client base. This is where coaching and counseling becomes a new paradigm.
by Bill Moore and Lu ann Butler

The Established Advisor's Guide to Mentoring 

Mentoring can be rewarding. As a successful advisor you have defied the odds and proved hard work and persistence can lead to success. Here’s your next challenge: using your experience as a starting point, can you replicate the same process for another advisor in your care? by Bryce Sanders

You actually don’t need to hire a coach. You will eventually figure out how to be successful at anything if learn from your mistakes and you don’t give up. The main reason to hire a coach is to speed up the process. A skilled coach can cut years off of the trial and error learning curve. A skilled coach knows how you need to think and act and feel to get to the next level. by Sid Walker



 Seek Out A True Financial Coach To Help You Avoid Major Landmines 
If you could save yourself from making a $100,000 mistake by paying someone a couple thousand dollars, would it be worth it? Absolutely!!! by Nick Royer




A practitioner-oriented financial magazine written and published  by the IARFC. The Register is published by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants ©2015, it includes articles and advice on technical subjects, economic events, regulatory actions and practice management. The IARFC makes no claim as to accuracy and does not guarantee or endorse any product or service that may be advertised or featured.


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