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Building Better Professionals

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May/June 2016

Register Profile:  Jessica Sullivan

Building Wealth





Explaining Wealth Building to Others

Building wealth is hard. As an advisor you understand how money grows. You might find yourself invited to present a class to a Junior Achievement group on building wealth.Your Baby Boomer client might ask you to counsel their twenty-something grandchildren on how to manage money. What are you going to tell them?
by Bryce Sanders



5 Secrets to Rock Your Referrals 

My favorite type of prospect is a referral. No big surprise, right?

But I’ve learned a few things about obtaining referrals that you may not hear anywhere else.
by Paul Mallett 




 An A-Player Administrative Manager

It’s critical for financial advisory firms to have an A-player Administrative Manager to help build and serve a community of ideal clients. Your Administrative Manager may not have the courage to speak with you directly about your unproductive behavior, but how would it help you if they did?.
by Bill Bachrach



Our 2016 issues include a special column authored by the IARFC Board, To Comment or Not To Comment… Interview for the IARFC. In our first column, Board Director Peter D' Arruda explores the topic of how to stay neutral when the conversation with clients turns sensitive or controversial.


A practitioner-oriented financial magazine written and published  by the IARFC. The Register is published by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants ©2016, it includes articles and advice on technical subjects, economic events, regulatory actions and practice management. The IARFC makes no claim as to accuracy and does not guarantee or endorse any product or service that may be advertised or featured.


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Submitting Articles 

Cover Profile Criteria: Profile Participant, must be an IARFC member in good standing, have made contribution to the financial industry, i.e. writing articles, donations to industry events and/or continuing education program activities. Cover Profile Participants are also selected according to the Register annual Editorial Calendar theme and topics.       

Time:  Selection of the Cover Profile Participants are made (early Fall) for the following calendar year. 

Selection Committee:  Is made up of the Editorial Board of the Register (Editor-in-Chief, Editor and IARFC Operations). Final selections are also reviewed by the IARFC Chairman.

Become a Cover Profile Participant:  Contact the Register Editor-in-Chief, Wendy M. Kennedy at, 513.261.6047 to be added to the roster of names in Cover Profile Participant database.  The Register Editor-in-Chief will contact you if selected within 90 days of the Register publication deadline date you are selected to be profiled.  Please, be prepared to provide your professional resume or vita. 


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