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IARFC National Financial Plan Competition - April 30, 2015  -  Learn More... call 800.532.9060

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National Financial Plan Competition






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Join us in Charlotte, NC — one of the Financial Centers of the U.S.

National Financial Plan Competition is a way to get hands-on development of young people by teaching them the skills necessary to provide the services we currently give to the next generations.

April 29 — Business Owner Consulting Workshop Add a new revenue stream to your practice. Learn techniques for approaching business owners and receive practical tools to get you started — a full day of exploring this underserved market and its potential.

April 29 — Speedway Tour and Dinner After the workshop, enjoy a unique opportunity to network with the next generation of Financial Consultants through a private tour of Lowes Motor Speedway and an elegant plated dinner at the luxurious Speedway Club.

April 30 — Finals of the 2015 National Financial Plan Competition Listen to the three finalist teams present their financial plan entries in person. Then judge and crown a winner of the competition. The day also includes special lectures from industry professionals.


This is an exciting opportunity to get a glimpse at the future of our industry. It is also a great way to give back to your profession."The opportunity to showcase an academic program's students through national competitions is very valuable. The IARFC competition is a world-class event that attracts the best and brightest students from the nation; this is an event well worth the time and effort on the part of student teams and their academic advisors."  - Dr. John Grable, now an Endowed Professor at the University of Georgia

The IARFC extends its invitation to College students enrolled in Financial Services curriculums to participate in the Financial Plan Competition. Participation includes production of a comprehensive personal financial plan based on uniform sample data provided. 

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The finalists and their faculty advisor will  present their comprehensive financial plans to a live audience.


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Corporate Sponsorship
Individual Sponsorship


 2015 Sponsorship - Listing




Individual Sponsors
Anonymous, Patrick Astre, George Atkinson, Andrew Bearre, Christopher Benke, Jeffrey Bettermann, Jimmy Booth, Bill Brice, George Brown, Mark Cade, Dee Carter, William Casteen, Richard Chrzanowski, Judy Clark, Scott Culbertson, James Davidson, John M. Davis, Elisabeth Dawson, Edward Deutschlander, Vicki Diggles, Vincent DiPietro, Michael Duch, Gary Fulk, George Flack, James Flanagan, Penni Foust, Jessica Harris, Martin Hearn, Bryan Hegarty, Marc Hernandez,  Drew Horter, Gerard Iacangelo, Rene Isuk, Ron Nisbet, Norman Johnson, Darren Josephson, David King, Larry Lambert, Vernon Larson, Dennis Leyder, Zachery F. Longley, Charles McKinney, Timothy Morgan, Susan Morrow, John Mulcahy, Chris Nelson, Yukiko Ogino-Christman, Frederick Ostermeyer, Gary Padussis, Garry Parrish, Bryan Philpott, Barbara Pietrangelo, Al Procaccino, John Repass, Barry Reid, Elliott Ring, Allen Rumble, Owen Seidenberger, Troy Sharp, Mark Sheahan, Bob Shlesinger, Dora Siegferth, Aghee "Bill" Smith, Lea Smith Johnson, Melvin Spain, Neil Spicer, Ken Stone, Stuart Spivak, Jessica Sullivan, Charles Reed Terry, Darrell Timberlake,  Jeff Vogan, Mary Jo Walker, Michael Wall, Brian Walsh, Patrick White, Brenda Whitman, Kirk Barr Young, Salvatore Zimbardi

Jan Belyeu,Douglas Brown,  Isabel Cooper, Ahmed Edris, Frank Eberhart, Victor Ferreira, Chris Hill, Eileen Kohler, David Lamorte, Fraj Lazreg, Patrick Lyman, Joseph Lolli, Robert Meints, Nancy Onderko, Chris Roberts, Daniel Roberts, Nicholas Royer, Thomas Stark

Les Anderson, Jay Bailey, Michelle Blair, Jeremy Gottlieb, David Howard, Rik Saylor

Steve Bailey, Harvey Charbonneau, Pete D'Arruda, Ed Morrow, Ram Tak, Jon Rogers, Angie Trandai, Denis Walsh


2014 National Financial Plan Competition - Las Vegas


 AND The Winner Is….

Bryant University from Smithfield, RI.  Congratulations to the students who presented the winning plan:  Kyle Creedon, Lauren Fayne,  Jamie Pepin and their instructor Mara Derderian.  Second place was awarded to Shepherd University team from Shepherdstown, WV - Bonnie Bailey, Akhtar Khan and Avery Mendzela.  In Third Place was Bowling Green University, Bowling Green OH represented by Dana Kaufman, Elizabeth Kevorkian and Becca Smoody.  “It took hours of my life to do this,” commented Bryant Competition Winner Jamie Pepin.  “But I came out that much more knowledgeable and I can apply this to so many other things in my life.  I would definitely recommend  it to the next group “ 

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Edward C. Skelly, RFC®
RFC Judge Encouraged by Students Presentations

"I was prompted to come as I was a sponsor for the event. I think it is very important for us to give back to the kids today. We are very fortunate to be in a great business and I wanted to pay it a little bit forward. Today the presentations by the three teams were absolutely phenomenal – very encouraged by what the kids are learning in school. I think the 9 students who presented did a wonderful job they will be a very good presence in the industry in the future.

Without question having the ability to participate and placing in the top three in a national competition is something to be proud of."


Why Sponsor the Financial Plan Competition

"All of us in any profession have an inherent responsibility to continue the legacies and skills of that profession. To that end, the IARFC Financial Plan Competition, is a way to get hands-on development of young people by teaching them the skills necessary to provide the services we currently give, to the next generations.

I believe that no person ever achieves success without one hand up on the rung above him lifting themselves — and one hand down lifting someone else. Often we don’t have the time to personally go do this. By pooling our assets we can encourage the next generation to do the right things for their clients."
- Lester W. Anderson, MBA, RFC® IARFC President 



2014 Plan Competition Sponsors


Corporate Sponsors

Cetera Advisors 

Royal Alliance 

Individual Sponsors
Harvey Charbonneau, Michael Coy, Vicki Diggles, Enyi P. Enyi, Victor  Ferreira, Christopher Hill, Alfred Joseph, Eileen Kohler, Brian Low, Robert Lorbeck, Patrick Lyman, Burnett Marus, Calvin Mendez, Noel Milner, Fred Ostermeyer, Jeffrey Rattiner, Jeffrey Reitzel, Paul Schwabe, Mark J. Sheahan, Thomas Stark, Winston Williams

Jay Bailey, Jeffrey Bliss, Douglas Brown, Frank Eberhart, Art Farr, Donald Fortney, Steve Hsin, Andrew Kwittken, Robert Meints II, Rick Mueller, II, Chris Roberts, Nick Royer, Scott Staschke, Rich Villers

Albert Coletti, Ed Morrow, Gary Padussis, Micah Shilanski

Les Anderson, Steve Bailey, Pete D'Arruda, Michelle Blair, Isabel Cooper, Lloyd Lowe Sr., Rosilyn Overton, Jon Rogers, Edward Skelly

 2013 Plan Competition Corporate Sponsors


2013 Plan Competition Individual Sponsors

 The IARFC is appreciative to Cetera Advisor Networks, specifically CEO Jack Handy, Jr., El Segundo, CA and President/CEO Brett Harrison, Denver, CO.


Les AndersonH. Stephen BaileyEd LedfordEd Morrow,
Dr. Rosilyn OvertonJon Rogers 

 Past Winners

2013 Financial Plan Competition Winners Announced
The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Financial Plan Competition. First place is awarded to Utah Valley University Students: Bradley Boulton, C. Clark Harris and Nick Travato - sponsoring professor Dr. Jerry Mason.

Past winners of the IARFC Financial Plan Competition include Appalachian State University, Faculty Advisor, Ivan C. Roten, MBA, Ph.D., CFP and Kansas State University, Faculty Advisor John E. Grable, MBA, Ph.D., CFP, RFC


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