IARFC Board of Directors Make Plans for Annual Meeting

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The IARFC is again welcoming the Board of Directors to Middletown, OH to its Annual Board Meeting in March.

Thursday 3/3 is the Semi-Finals of the National Financial Plan Competition.  Directors will take part in selecting the Final Teams to travel to Charlotte, NC to present their plans in person.  This is a popular event for the Board as they get to dialogue with upcoming financial professionals and critique their work.  It ends up a learning experience for all parties involved.

Friday 3/4 the Board gets down to the real work of running the Association.  With a full agenda of topics to discuss, they review the progress of 2015 and set up an outline of goals to accomplish for 2016.

The Board encompasses many years of experience in the realm of financial services.  Keeping the IARFC on track for 2016 is a daunting task.  With their cooperative effort and guidance, we hope to set a plan for continued growth and improvement.

If members have any specific topics for discussion – email them to the IARFC for consideration.

Congratulations to Semi-Finalists for the 2016 National Financial Plan Competition!

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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) is pleased to announce the results of the first stage of this year’s National Financial Plan Competition. Four teams will advance to the Semi-Finals and start preparing their presentations for an indepth web conference in front of the Board of Directors during their Annual Board Meeting on March 3rd.

The Semi-Finalist teams who are scheduled to explain their financial plan this year include:

  • Molly Funk from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI – Mara Derderian Professor
  • Cole Brownell and Anthony Peleaz from California State University Northridge in Northridge, CA – Inga Chira Professor
  • Daniel Ingles and Grant Hulett from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI – Douglas Iles Professor
  • Alexander Pucilowski from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in Clarion, PA – Jeffrey Eicher Professor

Being an industry practitioner, bringing real life planning to the classroom is my passion. Competitions like this, that engage students and require applied knowledge are so powerful in true learning. It is one thing to learn about concept. It is very different to require knowledge be applied to specific client situations. This competition helps students better prepare for the real-life in the financial planning industry.”   Douglas C. Iles, Central Michigan University Professor.


Want to be a Judge in the Finals?
Visit the IARFC website and find out how you can participate in Charlotte, NC on April 21!



Rock Solid Tactics to Make Your 2016 Growth Plan Successful

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Sales Management Magazine recently published a study that indicates the average sales and marketing professional spends approximately 80% of their time on trivia. 2016

Activities defined as trivia include managing paperwork, spending time on the computer, focusing on the minutiae and mundane and not investing in the activities and services necessary to reach out into the marketplace and spend more time with prospects and clients/customers.

In order to get off to a fast start as a leader or advisor at this the beginning of 2016 and be more effective, ask yourself, knowing what you know now, what you would have done differently in 2015? Be honest with yourself and then…

Use these rock solid tactics to make 2016 year you’re most effective year yet.

  1. From day one focus on the future, not on the past. This will help you set priorities. Your highest priority is the things that you are going to do, not the things that you’ve already done.
  2. Focus on creating opportunities, not just handling problems. As an example, 47% of executives are in the office by 7:30 a.m., 78% are in by 8:00 a.m. By making it a priority to start your day earlier, you will have more time to focus on growing the business not just running it.
  3. Aim high to make a difference. By thinking about your vision and what you are trying to accomplish in the long-term, it will help you to set priorities and take actions that move you ahead in the short-term. Your goals for tomorrow will dictate your efforts and plans for today. Keep your eye on the future and the opportunities.
  4. Assess what it will take in effort to successfully hit your goals. Often when I speak at conferences many advisors and leaders will tell me about their business growth goals. I then ask, “Do you know how many calls you must make, how many people you must see, how much marketing and prospecting effort you must put forth daily to reach your goals?” Unfortunately, the answer often is, “I’m not really sure.” Assessing what it will take in personal effort in 2016 is essential to achieve your goals. Otherwise those “goals” are just pipe dreams.
  5. Keep things in order; organize yourself. If organization is not easy for you, stop using it as an excuse. Get an organizational tool today (online, standalone software, or even a paper activity log) that will help you to stay on track and move yourself forward. Organization will allow you to maximize your time and make sure that your efforts and priorities don’t fall through the cracks.
  6. Be willing to risk. Most leaders and advisors mentally hold their businesses too small because they have been told to set “realistic” goals. Forget about setting realistic goals! Instead, increase your own expectations, and set realistic time frames to achieve what everyone else thinks are unrealistic goals.
  7. Deal with the consequences of your behavior. In 2015 I spoke to over 100 women who had started their own companies and had built very successful organizations each generating in excess of $5 million per year in revenue. When I asked them what they felt was the key thing that helped them manage their efforts and break through the glass ceiling, the overwhelming response was that they were aware of the consequences of their own behavior. Remember, whether you do or whether you don’t, there is always a consequence.
  8. Stay flexible to maximize windows of opportunity. It is essential as you begin to execute your 2016 plan for growth that you build in flexibility. This prevents you from getting locked into a rut and being placed in a situation where you are not willing or able to be responsive to the marketplace.
  9. Be sensitive about the best use of your time. Is it really productive for you to pick up your dry cleaning during essential time? Is it really moving your business ahead to come in late once or twice per week? Would it make better sense to get an early start by having breakfast with a client, prospect or center of influence so that you are off to a fast start and energized at the beginning of the day?
  10. Set deadlines for yourself. Practice the behavior that Thomas Edison did to be effective in managing his efforts and to avoid procrastination. He committed himself to a deadline on every single project. This forced him to make better decisions and to push himself to achieve more in a shorter period of time.
  11. Avoid the things that knock you off-track. You know the things that are knocking you off-track – long lunch hours, under-preparing or even over-preparing for presentations, etc.
  12. Spend 20-30 minutes each evening reviewing your game plan for the next day. Kent State University studies have shown that by implementing this tactic you’ll increase your effectiveness significantly. It will help you get you off to a fast start every day as you execute your 2016 growth plan.

As a leader, marketing rep or advisor you have the ability to convey and deliver value to your community. This clearly is a gift. Implementing these rock solid tactics you will be much more productive in 2016 – a high priority for each of us because to dream of the person you want to be and not do something about it is to waste the person you are.

Published with Permission by Richard Weylman
Contact: teri@richardweylman.com


Viking’s Cruise Gift to Travelers – Just in Time for the Holidays

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Rhine-Getaway-2016Act NOW!

Viking is now offering risk-free cancellation on all 2016 new river cruise bookings! That means booking between Dec 16 – Dec 31,  2015.

What better time than now to book the IARFC Rhine Getaway.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if you decide to cancel for any  reason, you get your money back.   Deposit is due within 3 days of the booking.  Final payment is due the end of December.

Call IARFC Cruise Director Starr Morrow and Heather Tucker today and ask about Viking’s  “Risk-Free Cancellation Waiver.”


National Financial Plan Competition Entries Arriving Daily

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glassesfinancialplanThis might be the time of year for mailing your Christmas packages but here at the IARFC in Middletown, OH, we are getting packages of a different sort.  With a postmarked deadline of December 15th, entries from students in the National Financial Plan Competition are being delivered to our doorstep daily.

Upon opening, the plans go through Stage 1 – which is to document ownership and determine if the fundamentals of plan prep were observed.  This would include following directions on use of binders, tab, table of contents, etc.

After passing this initial evaluation, the plans will be reviewed by experienced professionals and the top 6 pass to the Semi-Finals.  Judging for the Semi-Finals is then completed by Board Directors via a web meeting the day before the IARFC Annual Board Meeting.  Up to three plans will be presented in person at the Finals in Charlotte, NC at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on April 21st.

Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors:  Cetera Advisors, Money Concepts, LD Lowe Wealth Advisory, Keir Educational, The Builders Suite, Virtual Assistant and H.B. Financial.  It is due to their commitment and those of Individual Sponsors who make this competition possible.

Listen below on the importance of sponsoring the Competition!







Jon M. Rogers Presented Loren Dunton Award

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dunton3_72dpiSteve Bailey, IARFC Chairman presented Royal Alliance Advisor and RFC® Jon M. Rogers of Rogers Financial Group, LLC the prestigious Loren Dunton Memorial Award during a Holiday Client Appreciation Event at the Poinsiett Club in Greenville, SC last week.

The 2015 recipient has more than 40 years of experience in financial investment with a Ph.D. in financial management. With quantifications in asset management, Jon specializes in the development of financial plans with major emphasis on wealth accumulation, retirement planning, investment planning and estate planning. As an Adjunct Professor at Webster University and North Greenville University, he teaches finance, marketing and business. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors of the IARFC and holds the office of Treasurer. He is associated with Royal Alliance Associates who have been corporate sponsors for the National Financial Plan Competition.

“I am deeply appreciative of this meaningful award and the history behind it,” said Rogers. “I feel grateful for the path my life has taken and the ability to help my clients achieve peace and prosperity as they look to retirement. It has been an honor to serve.”…Jon Rogers

In bestowing the Loren Dunton Memorial Award, the IARFC recognizes Roger’s contribution to Loren Dunton’s vision and his mission to help the public and their advisors. For more information on the Dunton Award, visit the IARFC website.

Do You Have This Sticker?

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Make sure you are current with your IARFC membership and have received your current 2015 Renewal Sticker.  These stickers can be easily affixed to your framed RFC Certificate.

If you are not up-to-date and still wish to be part of the IARFC, contact Amy Primeau in Membership Services to renew your membership.

Current members are able to utilize the RFC Designation and the IARFC Brand which promotes the professional Financial Consultant to the public.  Renew Now!


IARFC Mission Statement

The IARFC will foster and enhance the growth of our association for the benefit of our members and the clients they serve by providing a continuing source of information, education and networking.

The organization will strengthen the financial services profession through adherence to and promotion of ethical behavior by our members and a focus on continuing professional education for our members.


Plan for Yourself – End of Year Checklist

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Blank To-do list drawn with chalk on a blackboard backgroundAs a Registered Financial Consultant one of your most important services to your clients is to keep their documents up-to-date. That is important for you and your family as well. While we might encourage you to perform your own comprehensive review, it probably will not be effective. Why? Because you are likely to procrastinate!

How to use this Checklist….

  1. Go down the list and pick one or two items that you should address or review personally. Don’t worry about the ones you have not selected.
  2. Pick a day of the week when you can “squeeze” out a bit of time to focus your attention on the item or items you have selected.
  3. Pick a future date.   (For example, next Saturday morning).
  4. Determine the best location (Home, office, school).
  5. Do you need anything? (Files, forms, documents, old plans, etc.)
  6. On the appointed date – do not re-schedule. Do it!
  7. Update your list, and pick the next tasks to work on.


  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directive
  • Will & Testament
  • Trust Agreement
  • Trust Protector Nomination
  • Trust Financial Advisor
  • Medical History (wallet)
  • Group Insurance Beneficiaries
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Coverage
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Critical Illness
  • Contents Coverage Listing
  • Auto Insurance
  • Personal Resume

Of course you could update several topics of your personal documentation. You can also use this checklist in your client plan reviews. As you use it to bring plans and documents up to date, if you think we should add some items for next year, please send a copy to the IARFC.

2016 Editorial Calendar for the Register

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editorial calendar 2016-2


We have a new Editorial Calendar for 2016 for the Register. Anyone wishing to write for our industry-affiliated publication will find the themes listed and suggested topics to be covered for each issue.

Themes on tap for the upcoming year include:

  • Introduction to the MRFC Exam
  • Marketing and Engaging the Millennial Client and Consultant
  • Helping Couples to Build Wealth
  • the Importance of the Financial Planning Process
  • Complete Coverage of our Financial Plan Competition

Each of these themes can address the seasoned professional as well as someone new to financial practice. The Register also includes articles written for the consumer which can be used by the RFC® in communications to clients, prospects and local media.

“2016 will be an exciting year for the IARFC due to our roll-out of the Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC) exam.  We hope the continual coverage of this accreditation journey plus the relevant themes of each edition will educate and inspire our readers.”  ”…editor-in-chief Wendy Kennedy.

For those who are wishing to submit articles please download a copy of the calendar from the IARFC and follow the submission guidelines and deadlines. The current issue of the Register can be read online at www.iarfc.org.

“The Social Advisor” Webinar – sign up Dec. 7!

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advisor launch pad

Advisor Launchpad is hosting a webinar focusing on Social Media strategy and how financial service reps are using it to help grow their businesses.

In this increasingly competitive and fast-paced profession, if you want to attract quality leads and keep your business on the leading edge, a good social media strategy is a must. Social media is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, and financial service companies can’t afford to be left behind.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How financial professionals are leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube in their marketing efforts
  • The Four E’s of content marketing
  • Where to start with social media
  • How to be compliant with FINRA and the SEC

To Register:  click here

About Amy McIlwain…

Amy McIlwain is Vice President of Social and Digital Strategy at Moore Communications Group, a nationally-ranked, award-winning integrated communication firm. With more than 15 years experience in interactive media, Amy has appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC as a social media expert and delivers keynote presentations to financial service organizations around the world.

She is a regular contributor to Investment News, The Wall Street Journal Online, Huffington Post and in 2014 was named by LifeHealthPro as one of the 24 Most Creative People In Insurance. In addition, her book, The Social Advisor: Social Media Secrets of the Financial Industry, has been featured as a best-seller in the Amazon business category.

Amy launched Financial Social Media (FSM) in 2010 to specifically address the compliance issues surrounding social media and the financial industry. In 2015, the company was acquired by MCG. The fusing of MCG and FSM sparks new opportunities for clients to benefit from MCG’s integrated communications approach to solving client challenges and FSM’s deep understanding of the power of social media to drive results.

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