“The Social Advisor” Webinar – sign up Dec. 7!

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advisor launch pad

Advisor Launchpad is hosting a webinar focusing on Social Media strategy and how financial service reps are using it to help grow their businesses.

In this increasingly competitive and fast-paced profession, if you want to attract quality leads and keep your business on the leading edge, a good social media strategy is a must. Social media is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, and financial service companies can’t afford to be left behind.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How financial professionals are leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube in their marketing efforts
  • The Four E’s of content marketing
  • Where to start with social media
  • How to be compliant with FINRA and the SEC

To Register:  click here

About Amy McIlwain…

Amy McIlwain is Vice President of Social and Digital Strategy at Moore Communications Group, a nationally-ranked, award-winning integrated communication firm. With more than 15 years experience in interactive media, Amy has appeared on FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC as a social media expert and delivers keynote presentations to financial service organizations around the world.

She is a regular contributor to InvestmentNews, The Wall Street Journal Online, Huffington Post and in 2014 was named by LifeHealthPro as one of the 24 Most Creative People In Insurance. In addition, her book, The Social Advisor: Social Media Secrets of the Financial Industry, has been featured as a best-seller in the Amazon business category.

Amy launched Financial Social Media (FSM) in 2010 to specifically address the compliance issues surrounding social media and the financial industry. In 2015, the company was acquired by MCG. The fusing of MCG and FSM sparks new opportunities for clients to benefit from MCG’s integrated communications approach to solving client challenges and FSM’s deep understanding of the power of social media to drive results.

Savings on IARFC Online Store Orders

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Get $10 off on your IARFC OBrandIndentiyBrochurenline Branding, Image Building and Professional Tools.

Take another look at the IARFC brochures and remember – you can’t communicate TOO MUCH with your clients.  Branding yourself and your message has never been easier.

What About IARFC Consumer Brochures?
Get the image out to your prospects and clients that you are an RFC and what that means to them as consumers.  The IARFC consumer brochures places an emphasis on Ethics – an obvious topic of considerable concern.

Visit the IARFC Store NOW!  (Offer good until November 30th)

Look Deeper into the World of Fact Finding & Discovery

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FactFindingwithconsultantEvery consultant has a different attitude when it comes to the Fact Finding and Discovery process for their specific clientele. No two consultants are going to take exactly the same approach.

Get the real story on how to draw the much needed information from your Clients.


DownloaCoverHowFindthefactsd your “Free”
How to Find the Facts  white paper!






Topics Include

  • Fact Finding
  • Not a Do-It-Yourself Project, Discovery—A Process
  • Why Conduct Discovery
  • When To Conduct Discovery
  • Listening Practices
  • Being an Active Listener
  • Being a Good Questioner
  • The Power of Questions
  • Advanced Skills
  • Ending Result—It’s All the Same
  • The Last Word


Results of our CE Survey…

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CE Survey illustrationRecently, we asked the members their opinions on CE topics. The complete survey can be found on
CE Survey – October 2015

A few of the results:

  • Most preferred method of obtaining CE was online.  CE combined with a landed events in US came in a close second.
  • Type of online CE preferred was very close between reading & answering questions online and webinars.
  • Main CE topics of interest:  Ethics, Investment Advisor-Fee Only Service, Annuities, Trust Protector and Planning
  • For those of you who are interested in attending a landed CE event – Orlando, FL, and Charlotte, NC were the top two choices.  Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN had a strong showing.

These results will be reviewed and analyzed at the IARFC Annual Board meeting to determine future programs.  Thanks to all who participated.

Survey powered by SurveyMonkey


Universities Take on National Financial Plan Competition

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Registration has closed for the 2016 National Financial Plan Competition.  Thirty-nine undergrads respresenting 8 universities have signed on to interpret case scenario details of a ficional family and craft a financial plan geared toward achieving the family’s goal of experienced consultants.  Those universities participating are:

  • San Diego State University, Adjunct Faculty Stephen Nielander, San Diego, CA;
  • Louisiana State University, Professor Frances C. Lawrence, Baton Rouge, LA;
  • University of North Texas, Adjunct Finance Professor David Ragan, Denton, TX;
  • Clarion University of PA, Professor Jeff Eicher, Clarion, PA;
  • Bryant University, Lecturer Mara Derderian, Smithfield, RI;
  • Bowling Green State University, Instructor J. Michael Galbraith, Bowling Green, OH;
  • California State University, Asst Professor of Finance Inga Chira, Northirdge, CA;
  • Central Michigan University, Faculty Advisor Doug Iles, Mt. Pleasant, MI.
2015 First Place Winners

2015 First Place Winners – Staci Rezendes and David Ferraro, Bryant University Smithfield, RI


Participating in the IARFC National Financial Plan Competition has definitely broadened my view of the financial world.  Not only does it help you on your resume but throughout your life because you have to plan for your financial needs as well…first place winner Staci Rezendes.

Check out the Plan Competition Info on the IARFC Website for more details on how you can sponsor or judge the Finals in Charlotte, NC.



Chairman’s Desk – The Importance of Belonging

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From the IARFC Chairman – Steve BaileyBailey, Steve

As we go into the closing months of 2015 and my first year of Chairman of the IARFC, I would like to impress upon our members what the IARFC is about and what we aim to achieve.

We are in the membership business – and no other.  Our true strengths are the relationships we promote, the training we offer and the tools we develop for the Financial Consultants and their brand. We are an educational association – and I mean total education not just book education. Our members can mix and mingle with people who have been in the business forty and fifty years. You are able to sit down and talk to those who have been successful and discover their secrets of achievement. You can gather perspectives other than your own.


Do You Really Get It?

I’m not so sure that members really get what we are about – they just want to have the three letters after their name and that is the only thing they want. I think some RFCs are not even sure how to present themselves as an RFC®.

Stop and think about what those letters really mean – RFC®. You are a Registered Financial Consultant, registered by an association in the financial industry. You have maintained a level of integrity and experience – something of which to be proud.   You are a CONSULTANT that is an expert in many different fields – not just a one product salesman. That is the beauty of understanding who we are.

Unfortunately, I feel we are not presenting ourselves properly to the public and within our own organization.   Have you looked at the Tri-fold Brochure that describes an RFC® lately? It talks about the high standards of education, experience and integrity of an RFC®. It describes an RFC® as a professional interested in Continued Education and the Financial Planning Process that guides the client through a healthy client/consultant relationship. You should be handing these brochures out to every potential prospect. If you don’t have an inventory of these, visit the IARFC store and start utilizing this important tool.


Now – For the Future

With the evolution of an association, complacency can set in and membership can stagnate. We are working internally to raise ourselves to a higher level. We are looking to upgrade our status to an accredited association – one of more prestige – a higher level. It is not an easy task – but this will be a designation that stands out in the industry and which all of us should strive to achieve. What we ask of the membership next year – starting 2016 is… STICK WITH US.   We are going to need your help and backing as we move forward.


I Give You a Membership Challenge

Have you replaced yourself lately?   This was the question I asked individuals when I was a Membership Chairman for other associations in the past that resulted in doubling membership numbers. You are not going to be around forever. Who is going to replace you in our Association? Look to other associates and the younger generation of financial professionals and encourage them to get on board with the IARFC.  It benefits all of us.

May the upcoming Holidays be a time of prosperity and reflection of the blessing we all have in our lives.


Take Advantage of 2-For-1 Savings on Rhine Getaway Cruise

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2-For-1 New Bookings

Save up to $3000 per couple on Veranda cabins – offer expires October 31, 2015.


Rhine Getaway – July 16-23, 2016

Visit all the highlights of the legendary Rhine River on this 8-day cruise, July 16-23, 2016. View the many charming castles that command the riverbanks as you sail through Germany.  Experience the lush landscape of the Black Forest region, explore Holland’s famous windmills and waterworks and take part in the inviting nightlife in Rudesheim’s Drosselgasse. Six guided tours through four countries included.   Visit Viking River Cruises
Rhine Getaway map
The CE @ SEA conference will be held prior to the river cruise on July 15, 2016 in Basel Switzerland. We are working on the pre-trip business travel expense details now.
Contact Cruise Directors Starr or Heather for updates.Conference Attendee Fee – $200 USD, due upon receipt of invoice from IARFC.

Special Member Offer Coming Soon!

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Get Best Ideas and Strategies
from Today’s Top
Business Books in Minutes

Business Source-3

The IARFC has partnered with The Business Source to offer concise summaries of books you need to read. Each month learn best practices and gain powerful insights from leading-edge thinkers, industry experts and world renowned business gurus.

Special Pricing And best of all, we’ve arranged a special price exclusively for IARFC members – over 70% off the regular price!

Click here to see a preview: The Business Source – Overview

Watch your email inbox beginning October 27th for details.

RFC® Designation Fulfills Eligibility Criteria for Five Star Wealth Manager Award

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Five Star Professional joins forces with city and regional magazines to make research results available to consumers and promote Five Star-designated professionals in more than 45 markets across the United States.

Roger.colorlargeIn the October 2015 issue of Cincinnati magazine, Roger Ford, RFC® of Conservative Financial Solutions located in Harrison, OH is pictured in the publication’s section dedicated to 2015 Cincinnati Five Star Wealth Managers.

A three year recipient of the award, Roger does not take his responsibility as a financial advisor lightly.

I work to protect and preserve my client’s nest egg which represents their blood, sweat and tears.  In being a member of IARFC, this showcases my integrity and dedication to work to conservatively plan my client’s retirement income and financial future.  I have enjoyed being a member of the IARFC for many years and my business, Conservative Financial Solutions, would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for this affiliation.”…Roger Ford, RFC®

So… how does your RFC® designation work for you?

Note: Five Star Professional conducts market research to define and promote professional excellence in the professions they serve. The Five Star designation assists consumers in selecting a service profession

Chairman’s Desk – Member Enthusiasm Promising

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From the IARFC Chairman – Steve BaileyBailey, Steve

Election News – Both Boards!
I try to keep most things simple but sometimes I need a score card readily within reach to be reminded of the players and on whose team they are playing. As you know, the IARFC has two Boards — the IARFC Board of Directors and the recently created MRFC Certification Board. Here are updates for both of them.

In July, members voted for a replacement on the MRFC Board. Congratulations to newly elected Justin Martin who brings a wide range of financial knowledge with him. The MRFC Certification Board is an important overseer of the process toward the accreditation of the MRFC designation.

This month, we are looking for those who wish to be considered for the IARFC Board. We have one position to fill. If you are interested, please answer the call for nominations and put your name forward. This Board guides the Association as a whole.

Plan Competition Ramping Up
Our 2016 invites to educators to enroll their students in the National Financial Plan Competition will be going out soon. After participating in the past competition and hosting it at the Speedway Club, I have a better understanding what this competition means to the students who invest time and effort into creating a financial plan. I saw the enthusiasm in the faces of the presenters and felt the impact that the competition had on their career path. And I was proud to be part of it.

We also have sent out the request for sponsorship. If you are looking for a way to give back to the Association and promote the future professionals of our industry, the plan competition is a worthy cause. You make it possible to give them a real world experience of what we do for our clients on a daily basis. Please continue to support us as we start the process again for 2016 –same venue, Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Contributions can be sent to the IARFC – c/o National Financial Plan Competition or call the IARFC office in Middletown, OH for more information. Our Sponsorship packet can be easily be downloaded from www.iarfc.org/FinancialPlanCompetition

Our Accreditation Commitment
You have probably heard that there is a delay in rolling out the MRFC Exam. We had to regroup somewhat and make sure that our exam is more than qualified to give the Association and individuals taking the exam the credibility they deserve. I am asking members to stay excited and committed to this path. Everyone on the accreditation team is working diligently towards this end goal – so when the time is right, we hope you flood us with calls to sign up as part of the “Pioneer Group”.

I recently discussed with a colleague Barry Ferguson about the MRFC designation and our accreditation process. In his opinion, now is a great time for the IARFC to seek this accredited status. The next three or four years will be a difficult time for financial consultants and having a sound credible designation will be helpful to set us apart.

Connect with Me!
I encourage personal communication with members. Your feedback helps me to know what members are thinking and what they need from the Association. Expressing your views and comments helps you feel part of the Association and allows us to thrive. Call me. Email me. I would love to hear your suggestions for the IARFC. I am available at 704.563.6844 or steve@hbfinancial.com.

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