Credit Card Fraud – Practical DOs and DON’Ts

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By “Coach Pete” D’Arruda

Credit Card Fraud is on the rise. Here are some practical DOs and DON’Ts:


  • Keep copies of all correspondence regarding disputed charges until the matter is resolved.
  • When you are at a cash register using your card, don’t let the card out of your sight, and get it back as quickly as possible.
  • Save all receipts. Compare them with what’s on the monthly statement.
  • Sign the back of your cards, and put your picture on them if that service is available.
  • Keep a record of your account numbers, their expiration dates, and the phone number and address of each company in a secure place.
  • Destroy all carbons immediately.
  • Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total. Don’t draw a zero, which could easily be altered.



  • Leave credit cards lying around. Either activate them, or cut them up.
  • Lend your card to anyone.
  • Ever sign a blank receipt.  It’s like signing a blank check.
  • Give out your account number over the phone unless you’re doing business with a company you’re sure of.
  • Write your account number on the outside of an envelope.

Investigate more  simple steps we can take that will protect us from financial fraud in the September/October Register. Many of them are so simple that you may do a double take. But it will make you a better steward of your financial affairs.  (see Consumer Focus article – Finding the Right Financial Advice – September/October Register).

Peter J. D’Arruda RFC, CTC
Is the IARFC President and a financial and tax coach. He is host of the nationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Financial Safari, as well as the author of four books, including “Fine Print Fiasco”, “Financial Safari, 7 Financial Baby Steps”, and “Have you been talking to Financial Aliens?”  Themes of these easy readers include helping others avoid being taken advantage of and translating financial jargon for any layperson.”
Contact:  919.657.4201


America’s Treasured Waterway – Mississippi River

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Cruising the Mississippi – the IARFC 2017 CE@SEA Destination

Sunrise silhouette of author Samuel Clemens.   The statue, of Clemens taking the helm of the paddleboat steering. Overlooks the Mississippi River, in Hannibal, Missouri.

The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) is excited to announce their 2017 Riverboat Cruise on the Lower Mississippi. From Memphis to New Orleans, cruisers will experience the vibrant culture, rich history and diverse environment of America’s largest river – all which are the subject of fascinating Mark Twain stories.

Scheduled for July 1 through July 8, 2017, IARFC members and friends can enjoy this 7-day adventure on the American Cruise Lines’ “America” and attend the CE@SEATM continuing education conference onboard – a floating classroom of convenience.


We chose this domestic cruise this year as a way for members to reconnect with their own country’s roots at a leisurely pace,” relates IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey. “No international flights, no passports, no language barriers – just Americana to be experienced by the turning of the paddle wheel.”

AMerica paddle wheeler

The trip includes:

  • all meals with wine and beer served with lunch and dinner
  • complimentary cocktail hour
  • one complimentary excursion at each port of call
  • nightly entertainment
  • daily on board expert lectures
  • pre-night accommodations in downtown Memphis adjacent to the historic Beale Street District with transfers to the riverboat.

Antebellum house


Private shore excursions will provide an insider’s perspective of classic Antebellum homes, Civil War battlefields and the iconic Oak Alley plantation. In the evenings, passengers can relax in comfort on their private balcony as they take in the spectacular rolling river views.

I am a southerner and an experienced IARFC cruiser,” explains Jon Rogers, IARFC Board Director. I am delighted that we are drawing people to our own country and our own treasured waterways. What could be better than to visit these geographical locations only read about in history books.”

Note:  Great Cruise Pricing!

  • Prices for this particular cruising date are approximately 12% off
    the standard pricing.
  • For those who book BEFORE 12/31/16 with a $500pp deposit, there will be a $400 stateroom savings and waiving of port charges and fees ($250pp).

Bookings:logo-american-cruiselines  Call Kimberly at the American Cruise Lines – 800.814.6880 x661 (mention the IARFC.)

Elevate Your Client Value

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Relationship BridgesBy Bill Bachrach  (exert from The Relationship Bridges article from the Register)

How can you improve everything you currently do for your existing clients?

Here are four words that might help.

  1.  Visual. How can you make everything you do more visually interesting and therefore easier for your clients to understand everything they receive from working with you?
  2.  Engage. What can you do to engage both spouses in the conversations about their future and the financial decisions necessary to make that future a reality while protecting against the inherent risks of life and world events?
  3.  Compelling. How can you make every recommendation you make more compelling so they are more inclined to act on your advice? Knowing what to do does not produce results. The results come from doing.
  4.  Experiential. What can you do to improve the experience of working with you and every human and non-human element of your process?

It’s not your clients’ responsibility to tell you how you can exceed their expectations and move them from one side of the relationship bridge to the other. It’s your job to figure that out. They don’t really know why they are still on the side of the relationship bridge where they think it makes sense to have three consultants or why they are reluctant to refer you. It’s just a feeling they have that none of their current consultants, including you, have done what it takes for them to trust you and your process enough to consolidate everything with you and refer you to everyone they know.

for the entire article – see July/August 2016 Register


Welcome Two New Directors to the MRFC Certification Board

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The results of the MRFC Certification Board elections are in.  Elected by a membership vote are Barry Dayley, RFC®, CFP® – Money Concepts in Afton, WY and Dr. Walt Woerheide, ChFC, CFP®, RFC® – The American College in Byrn Mawr, PA.  Both IARFC members have extensive experience in the financial services industry.

“This is an exciting time of change and development for the IARFC,” said Chairman H. Stephen Bailey. “We welcome the guidance and expertise of these two gentlemen to our MRFC Board.”

The MRFC Board oversees the accreditation process for the proposed new financial designation that the IARFC is developing through the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). As the process continues and the application for accreditation is submitted, the Board will work to make the designation significant to the industry and to the financial professional.

Dayley“Broad based high level continuing education is the hallmark of a financial planning professional. It builds confidence, opens opportunities, and enhances business performance,” explained newly elected MRFC Board Director Barry Dayley. “The Masters Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC) is this kind of program. I am honored to serve on the Board, and look forward to making this excellent program available to a growing number of financial professionals.”

Woerheide“With the designation you have to really think about what the objectives are, what the designation is supposed to be demonstrating and how you determine the people who best meet those qualifications,” commented Dr. Woerheide. “I am excited to move the profession forward with this program.”

Both gentlemen will start their official duties September 1.

IARFC Headquarters – a journey of change

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By Susan Cappamove

The IARFC has just spent the past couple of weeks orchestrating the move of the Association Headquarters.

“We did not just move furniture,” comments IARFC Operations Manager Charlotte Isbell.  “We moved people and memories.”

Having been at the prior location for 20 years, it was a huge task to plan, organize and finally get the boxes unloaded in the new offices.  A total evaluation of past IARFC history was completed with huge amounts of time devoted to scanning and shredding.  It was a timely opportunity to convert old, but still important files to electronic format.

Along with moving and reminiscing comes the excited feeling of starting fresh and anew.

“We are all very happy to be in the new offices,” continues Isbell.  “Change can be an uplifting factor and motivate the team as they go about the day-to-day tasks of running the IARFC.”

Check out the IARFC Facebook page for pictures of “moving day” and the new offices as the team settles in.

Chairman’s Challenge to Members – Referrals!

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woman ReferralsWith the main goal of increasing membership, the IARFC Chairman, H. Stephen Bailey has issued members a challenge – Send In Referrals!  Each member has someone they can refer.

Membership goals are not met unless everyone does their part.  At the minimum, talk about the IARFC to your Associates.  The more members, the more influence, the more benefits.  It’s a win-win for us all!

Download Member-Refer-A-Member form.  Take a few minutes to fill out the form and return it to the IARFC Team.



Jerry Mason Ph.D. Loren Dunton Award Recipient

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MasonJerryThe International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) announces Dr. Jerry Mason of Cedar City, Utah as the 2016 recipient of the Loren Dunton Memorial. This award is to “honor a person who has made a substantial contribution to the financial services profession and/or the financial interest of the public.”

Generally regarded as the “Father of Financial Planning”, Loren Dunton organized financial professionals in the late sixties and with their help created the financial planning movement. Loren Dunton developed associations, magazines, colleges, university programs and foundations. He was able to use his experiences to frankly explain what all financial advisors now recognize – that the ethical sales of financial products and the delivery of competent advice is a noble calling. Loren Dunton was a man of vision who cared deeply about both financial consultants and consumers.In bestowing the Loren Dunton Memorial Award, the IARFC recognizes Dr. Jerry Mason’s contribution to Loren Dunton’s vision and his mission to help the public and their consultants.

“Our nominating committee reviewed Mason’s long standing career and his dedication to financial services education,” said H. Stephen Bailey, IARFC Chairman. “We felt he embodied the commitment to excellence and forward thinking that was true to Loren’s Dunton mission.”

Jerry Mason has indeed had a career of longevity – forty years involved with financial planning. He taught financial planning at Brigham Young University, Texas Tech University, the College of St. Rose and Utah Valley University. He also was the Director of Education for the International Association for Financial Planning, the Vice President of Education for NAIFA, and worked for Ric Edelman for six years. In 1983, he held a financial counseling and planning conference at Brigham Young University which launched the Association for Financial Planning and Counseling Education the following year at Iowa State. While at BYU, Bud Poduska and Jerry started the first full-time financial counseling clinic on a college campus and the first financial planning software computer lab. He created and launched the Accredited Financial Counseling (AFC) certification program. He pioneered taking students to national financial planning conferences and is probably best known for helping students find internships and jobs, having placed students in positions in 34 states and 7 foreign countries. In addition, he has partnered with other industry leaders in creating and competing in national financial plan case study competitions. Among those events was a first place finish with his team from UVU in the 2013 IARFC National Financial Plan Competition.

He earned a BS in Economics at Brigham Young University, a Masters of Business Administration at Stanford University and a PhD at the University of Missouri.  Forty-eight years ago he married Joyce Hurst, and they are the parents of six children and eight grandchildren.

“I am thrilled and honored to receive the Loren Dunton award. Like most of us old timers I too consider Loren the father of financial planning and a great man in many ways,” relates Mason.  “His enthusiasm for financial counseling and financial planning was contagious.”

Be a Register Cover Story

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For those of you looking for professional visibility – why not consider submitting your name for the IARFC Register Cover.  Published by the IARFC, this industry recognized publication is a valuable tool in circulating your profile out to the public.  It’s an impressive visual to send to prospective clients.

Profile Criteria

  • Be an IARFC Member in Good Standing
  • Have made contributions to the financial industry, i.e. writing articles, donations to industry events and/or continuing education programs activities.

RegisterEditorialCalendarRegister Profiles are selected according to the annual
Editor Calendar theme and topics.

Contact the Register Editor-in-Chief, Wendy M. Kennedy at, 513.261.6047 to be added to the roster of names in the Cover Profile Participant database.

If selected, you will be notified within 90 days of the Register publication deadline date where your profile will included. Be prepared to provide your professional resume or CV and professional hi resolution pictures.

MRFC Board Looking for Directors

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The MRFC Board is looking for two Association members to fill open positions on the MRFC Certification Board.  The Board is responsible for the following regarding the accreditation of the new designation – Master Registered Financial Consultant:

  • Determine the scope of the designation
  • Review the policies and procedures relating to the designation
  • Oversee exam process
  • Work together as a team to better the Association

One position will fill the vacancy left by the resignation of a previous Board Member to fill the balance of the term which ends August 31, 2017 and the other is for a 3 year term beginning September 1, 2016.  An email was sent out to the IARFC members asking for nominations.

Time Commitment

  • May require 1-2 hours per month availability for virtual meetings
  • Additional for review and input on policies and procedures


  • Must be a member in good standing of the IARFC
  • Must hold the MRFC designation (once accreditation has been approved.  Until then must hold the RFC designation)
  • May not be a current Board Member of the IARFC
  • May not provide service to IARFC prospects or members as an educator of, trainer of, or writer of material relation to designation requirements
  • May not serve on the IARFC Education Committee

Per our recent emails, we have a number of members who have thrown their hat into the ring.   If you are interested, please contact  If not, please take the time to vote when the ballot is sent out at the beginning of June.



National Financial Plan Competition Report…. or a fun time at the Speedway!

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By Susan Cappa, IARFC Public Relations

Last week I found myself at Charlotte Motor Speedway facilitating our National Financial Plan Competition.  First let me say that the support from Speedway personnel was PHE-NO-ME-NAL.  They were pros in handling any situation and I quickly warmed up to genuine North Carolina hospitality – y’all.


IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey addresses the students and guests

Day 1
…consisted of CE presentations from Barry Dayley of Money Concepts – a Corporate Sponsor, IARFC President Pete D’Arruda, IARFC Vice Chairman and Event Emcee Nicholas Royer, and our Speedway host Stephanie Bailey.  These presentations were geared toward our young financial professionals who were just starting their careers. As one professor told me later – he could talk to his students all day long about concepts but hearing it from experienced RFCs on hand made a big impression.

After presentations, we filmed promotional videos with professors and “Coach Pete” in the lounge of the Speedway Club.  What was really impressive was just walking into the area with a ceiling to floor vista of the track – an awesome backdrop for lunch.  It made me envious of those who enjoy the spectacle of racing and filled grandstands on race day.  Not us however – all was quiet.


Winner’s Circle at Charlotte Motor Speedway

A bucket list item for racing fans would be our van tour  that navigated the multiple tracks contained within the compound.  We saw drag strips, dirt tracks, go carts courses and ultimately ended up on the main concourse banking around the turns with purses and cameras rolling about as our driver picked up speed.  Our group ended up in the winner’s circle for photo souvenirs of a fun day. Even if you weren’t a racing aficionado – you were impressed.

Day 2
…was a bit more subdued as the students prepared to be judged on their plan content and presentation.  Each team had 30 minutes, followed by critique from the judges.  More filming of interviews – from the students this time,  lunch and then back to our feature presentation – the topic being Ethics.  Who better to give that talk than the 2016 Dunton Award winner, the IARFC Treasurer Jon Rogers.

The results of this year’s competition:


L-R Anthony Pelaez, Cole Brownell, Molly Funk, Chairman Steve Bailey, Daniel Ingles, Grant Hulett

The Checkered Flag and First Place Winner: Molly Funk from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI – Mara Derderian Lecturer

Second Place: Daniel Ingles and Grant Hulett from Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI – Douglas Iles Professor

Third Place: Cole Brownell and Anthony Pelaez from California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA – Inga Chira Professor.

I had wished throughout the competition that the messages given during these two days were available to all those starting out in financial services.  With the added attraction of networking with some very interesting, successful and fun individuals, everyone went home enhanced in some way.  If you have never had the opportunity to see the IARFC in action – the National Financial Plan Competition is a must on your agenda.

Congrats to the winner and thanks to all the IARFC Corporate and Individual Sponsors for your support!


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