Who is Most Important – the Client or the Caller?

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By Ed Morrow

Your cell phone usage can enhance your “service image” and also “emphasize privacy” but also has the potential to subtly insult your client.

Have you ever been in a meeting and had the person you were talking with getting a lot of calls? Each time they reached for their cell phone to see the caller, they were deciding “Who is Most Important – you or their caller?”

One financial consultant, who is really very busy and receives lots of calls, makes an issue of this. As he starts a session with a client or prospect, he says, “Excuse me” and dictates the following message into his phone: “This is Jackson Jones. I’m entering an important meeting with a client and can’t take your call. Please leave me a message, or call my assistant, Gloria Bennett at ###-###-####.”

Sometimes the meeting is not with a client, but with a prospect or an important supplier, but the result is that he has just complimented the other party by elevating their importance.

As cell phones get smaller and more powerful, the importance of effective phone courtesy gets larger. You can increase your phone power with just a bit of forethought…

IARFC Announces Two New Workshops

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Impact Branding
The competition for your clients is increasing. A strong brand projects your passion and commitment to clients and prospects. Brand loyalty is reinforced by continued efforts to positively project a favorable image. You don’t have to be a big company to promote your own brand. We help you discover what it is and how to build it.
During the first part of the workshop, you will learn that first perceptions are a result of how you brand yourself. We review the cumulative cycle of branding and how it effects every aspect of client interaction from before the initial approach through your follow up service.
The second half of the workshop is devoted to reviewing a real world step-by-step checklist for you to start building your own identity. You will be able to check off what you are already doing and mark tasks that you need to be doing to promote your professional self.
Branding: Agenda FAQs

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing warms up your prospect, attracts their interest in the topics presented and builds their respect for your knowledge. Gradually Drip Marketing will develop a bond with the prospect that motivates them to grant you an appointment to make a presentation.
During the first part of the workshop, we review the purpose and goals of Drip Marketing. You will learn ways to approach Drip Marketing to make it more effective.
The second half of the program reviews how to get started, basic setup information that applies no matter which CRM you are using, and then the practical application once you get the appointment.
Bonus Sequence Included!
Those who register for the course will receive a sequence including 15 letters, 15 articles and 3 phone scripts targeted to business prospects. These can be downloaded to whatever CRM you are using.
Drip Marketing: Agenda FAQs
Both workshops are ½ day and you are awarded 3 RFC CE credit hours. They will be held on Friday, November 15th in Middletown. If you have not taken the Business Owner Consulting Workshop, it will be offered on Thursday November 14th. Special package pricing is available for both days.
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