Only $4 Million to Pitch Your Brand

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The Big Apple Superbowl venue this year is drawing all kinds of commentary with the weather getting more than its fair share.

Most of us will be sitting in front of the big screen (warm and cozy) looking forward to watching the Broncos and Seahawks in climatic comfort, and staying put during commercial breaks to critique the Superbowl ads. It makes going for drinks and munchies a challenge.

Multiple sources have reported that this year a 30 second spot is averaging $4 million. Makes one wonder how stressed advertising executives are to turn out the “memorable” half minute wonder in front of an expectant, discerning crowd. No one wants to lay the multi-million dollar goose egg on national TV.

Monday morning quarterbacking has even evolved to include commercial ratings! Websites are dedicated to listing the ads so you know who are the major players the week preceding. This is pushing one’s brand at the most expensive/visible level.

However out of reach this market is, the concept is universal and can be brought down to the financial advisor on an affordable and obtainable level. You can make an impact with your “brand” with reasonable effort. Some changes are just an attitude adjustment. Some require further education.

The IARFC is here to invite you to attend its IMPACT BRANDING workshop in Las Vegas, NV on April 30th to get your game plan going!

For more information visit the IARFC website and register for these events. Talk about a winning team….

IARFC Board Meeting Scheduled

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The IARFC is getting ready to host the annual board meeting March 7th.

Board Members from all over the US will be here to review agenda topics and make recommendations for the coming year. Those taking part are Les Anderson, Steve Bailey, Nick Royer, Jeff Rattiner, Rosilyn Overton, Jon Rogers, Hank Brock and Isabel Cooper.

On March 6th, the day before the actual Friday meeting, the Board will take part in judging the semi-finalists in the National Plan Competition. Web Conferences will be set up for 6 teams. From these 6, 2-3 finalists will be chosen to present their plans in Las Vegas on May 1.

The Board agenda topics are varied. A focus this year is accreditation. Education Director Jim Lifter will be working with the Board on forming committees (Ethics and Accreditation Board) and other items needed to move the accreditation process forward. Another item for brainstorming is increasing the membership. Reports on the past year will be given by the appropriate staff person.

We will keep members up-to-date on any important association news!

The IARFC – Serving 30 years

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This year the IARFC is celebrating 30 years of service – a milestone that we are marking with a special section in the Register. For every issue we will be including an article call PEARLS.

You may not know this but a pearl is the traditional gift for a thirty year anniversary – thus an appropriate name for our Register section.

For the Jan/Feb issue, we asked Les Anderson, RFC President, how increased customer awareness in the past 30 years changed the way financial advisors do business? The “veil of secrecy” has been lifted. Never before has so much advice and information been available to consumers. Read Les’s first “Pearl” and see his response.