It’s All a Case of Balance

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Exerts from Michelle Blair, RFC “Pearl’s” article in the September Register.

If we thought that technology was changing quickly 30 years ago, watch out for the future!  Before, we would measure major change cycles in years, but today there is something new and exciting on a daily basis.  For instance:

    • Everyone maintains their “life” on a phone or tablet these days
    • We use Skype on a daily basis
    • An Outlook calendar sees “where” everyone is
    • CRM maintains our database
    • Financial plans are entered into software
    • Branding yourself on social media is the way to go.

NEVER let the personal touch go by the wayside. People still relate to a human voice and appreciate an old fashioned phone call instead of a text or email. It’s all a case of balance!

For the entire article – check the “Pearls” article How Has Technology Affected Daily Operations in Your Business in the Last 30 Years? of the September edition of the Register.

Path to Accreditation – Exam Item Writing is Progressing

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Recently a group of subject matter experts (SMEs) convened in Middletown, OH to write the items (questions) for the exam component of the MRFC Proposed Designation.

The subject matter was determined through a survey that many of our members responded to earlier in the year. The results of this in-depth questionnaire determined a percentage blueprint of subject matter domains and their weight of exam questions. The final tally ended with 13 topics: Client Engagement Process, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning, Education Planning, Estate Planning, Professional Conduct, Plan Development, Data Gathering, Ongoing Monitoring, Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Regulations and Compliance, and Practice Management.

The SMEs are targeting a bank of 300 items from which a test of 150 items (3 hours in length) will be compiled. By passing the exam and meeting the rest of the MRFC criteria, the consumer can be assured that their Financial Advisor has met a professional standard certified by a National Accreditation Body.

Once this exam item writing task has been completed, we will be sending out information on how you can take the exam.

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting process for the IARFC!