Call for Nominations for IARFC Board of Directors

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The IARFC is seeking nominations to fill four Board positions for 2017. The IARFC Board is considered “The Face” of the Association to its members, other financial professionals and the general public.

The term of service for a Board Director is defined as three years with a two term limit. Each Director is expected to contribute actively to the operation and growth of the Association and shall participate in committees and programs that promote the Mission of the Association.

Only IARFC members who possess and RFC® or RFA® designation and are in good standing may serve on the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors may also be an officer at the same time.

A member may nominate themselves or any interested parties as long as the nominee meets all requirements for that position. All nominees are requested to submit a letter of intent to run, a resume/CV and an optional statement on how they intend to promote the goals of the Association. After the close of nominations period on December 13, 2017, the Nominating Committee will review all candidates for the Board Director positions and agree or reject any or all names and then refer the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for voting. All elected personnel will assume the responsibility associated with their office immediately after the election and will become active in their new capacity without delay.

“Our Board is composed of experienced, educated and giving individuals who wish to further the goals of the Association,” related Chairman H. Stephen Bailey, RFC®. “I am extremely proud to work with this group of financial consultants and look forward to charting a growth-directed course of development for the IARFC.”

This is an exciting time. Serving as a Board Director is an opportunity to influence Association policy and be involved in the Path to Accreditation involving third party NCCA certification of their new designation – Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC).

“With our application being targeted for submission and approval in April of 2017,” continues Bailey, “We will be offering a credential that speaks of integrity and competence to the consumer who is looking to engage a financial professional.”

To be considered for a Board Director Position, please send your intent to serve to, IARFC Board nomination liaison. Nominations close on December 13th.


Chairman’s Desk – H. Stephen Bailey

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Are You EBailey, Stevethically Approved?

While we, as financial professionals may overlook the simplicity of the question – it is not our perspective that counts. It is what your prospects and Add Media your clients want to know most. To reassure these stakeholders, we developed a conscientious program that backs your RFC® designation with a clean history and record. Starting in September, we began scrutinizing member renewals and awarding our Ethical Seal of Approval to
those meeting our criteria.

How is this endorsement helpful to you as an RFC®? It is one more arrow in your quiver as you target your marketing and branding. Apply the Seal to your RFC® Designation Certificate. Purchase an IARFC Code of Ethics plaque from our store and display it prominently. Make your prospects and clients aware that ethics is a #1 priority in our business and your practice.

Importance of Academics

The Fall edition of the Journal of Personal Finance was recently released and is available for download or purchase. The Journal presents information with facts, figures, graphs, charts and in depth research — in contrast to the Register that mulls it over and hands it down for practical application in the day-to-day world. We feel it complements the Register as a publication benefit to our members with its academic viewpoints. Visit

Legacy – Professional and Personal

Our November/December Register theme is Legacy. First, I want to hash out once again the Legacy that defines our Association. I keep going back to the fact that we are CONSULTANTS — professional people doing professional work. I am determined to stay on track with the mission of the IARFC by adhering to our roots and promoting our designation as Registered Financial Consultants. The MRFC or Master Registered Financial Consultant will enhance this status quo – measurably. That is why we are working hard to get it finalized in 2017.

As for a personal Legacy — I feel a commitment to help any young person who is working in financial services. On my own journey up the ladder, I had many unselfish mentors – people who took their time to show me what they were doing and how they were doing it. I knew I could call on these experienced professionals for advice anytime. That is what I will be doing for my daughter and for any young person in need of mentoring. If I help my daughter to succeed, then I help my grandson etc. After all is said and done, the Legacy we leave is our most cherished gift to family, friends and colleagues.

Throwing Down the 2016 Gauntlet

To the Members – finish what you started at the beginning of this year. Have you delivered on your promises to your practice, your clients and your family? Start drawing up plans to make 2017 a year of improvement and call the IARFC Team for ideas on how to better utilize member benefits. Make an appointment to take the MRFC exam.

To the IARFC Board and Support Team – finish tidying up the loose ends. The past six months have been a monumental change of direction and an organizational challenge. As I look back to April of this year, we have significantly revamped our focus. The meetings with the Board Directors scattered all over the country and our dedicated Team in Middletown are enjoyable and are instrumental in carving out a new direction. I will continue to challenge them to give the IARFC their best!

To Myself as Chairman – as a Southern euphemism charmingly expresses – the horses are ready to go but not hitched up. My job is to get us going and make 2017 a year of extreme progress and forward strides.

Explaining the Financial Planning Process

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An easy-to-understand visual to hand out to your clients!

The IARFC has a new trifold brochure Explaining the Financial Planning Process that clarifies expectations and sets a roadmap to financial success.  It is directed to the consumer, written in an easy-to-understand, organized manner.

SG107The brochure defines:

  • Reason to use a process
  • Benefits
  • Steps to follow
  • Financial areas

The information is adaptable to any practice.  It is generic, yet specific enough to guide the consumer through the essence of Financial Planning.

You can order the IARFC Brochure #SG107 at