Call for Nominations for IARFC Board of Directors

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The IARFC is seeking nominations to fill four Board positions for 2017. The IARFC Board is considered “The Face” of the Association to its members, other financial professionals and the general public.

The term of service for a Board Director is defined as three years with a two term limit. Each Director is expected to contribute actively to the operation and growth of the Association and shall participate in committees and programs that promote the Mission of the Association.

Only IARFC members who possess and RFC® or RFA® designation and are in good standing may serve on the Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Directors may also be an officer at the same time.

A member may nominate themselves or any interested parties as long as the nominee meets all requirements for that position. All nominees are requested to submit a letter of intent to run, a resume/CV and an optional statement on how they intend to promote the goals of the Association. After the close of nominations period on December 13, 2017, the Nominating Committee will review all candidates for the Board Director positions and agree or reject any or all names and then refer the slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for voting. All elected personnel will assume the responsibility associated with their office immediately after the election and will become active in their new capacity without delay.

“Our Board is composed of experienced, educated and giving individuals who wish to further the goals of the Association,” related Chairman H. Stephen Bailey, RFC®. “I am extremely proud to work with this group of financial consultants and look forward to charting a growth-directed course of development for the IARFC.”

This is an exciting time. Serving as a Board Director is an opportunity to influence Association policy and be involved in the Path to Accreditation involving third party NCCA certification of their new designation – Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC).

“With our application being targeted for submission and approval in April of 2017,” continues Bailey, “We will be offering a credential that speaks of integrity and competence to the consumer who is looking to engage a financial professional.”

To be considered for a Board Director Position, please send your intent to serve to, IARFC Board nomination liaison. Nominations close on December 13th.


Chairman’s Desk – H. Stephen Bailey

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Are You EBailey, Stevethically Approved?

While we, as financial professionals may overlook the simplicity of the question – it is not our perspective that counts. It is what your prospects and Add Media your clients want to know most. To reassure these stakeholders, we developed a conscientious program that backs your RFC® designation with a clean history and record. Starting in September, we began scrutinizing member renewals and awarding our Ethical Seal of Approval to
those meeting our criteria.

How is this endorsement helpful to you as an RFC®? It is one more arrow in your quiver as you target your marketing and branding. Apply the Seal to your RFC® Designation Certificate. Purchase an IARFC Code of Ethics plaque from our store and display it prominently. Make your prospects and clients aware that ethics is a #1 priority in our business and your practice.

Importance of Academics

The Fall edition of the Journal of Personal Finance was recently released and is available for download or purchase. The Journal presents information with facts, figures, graphs, charts and in depth research — in contrast to the Register that mulls it over and hands it down for practical application in the day-to-day world. We feel it complements the Register as a publication benefit to our members with its academic viewpoints. Visit

Legacy – Professional and Personal

Our November/December Register theme is Legacy. First, I want to hash out once again the Legacy that defines our Association. I keep going back to the fact that we are CONSULTANTS — professional people doing professional work. I am determined to stay on track with the mission of the IARFC by adhering to our roots and promoting our designation as Registered Financial Consultants. The MRFC or Master Registered Financial Consultant will enhance this status quo – measurably. That is why we are working hard to get it finalized in 2017.

As for a personal Legacy — I feel a commitment to help any young person who is working in financial services. On my own journey up the ladder, I had many unselfish mentors – people who took their time to show me what they were doing and how they were doing it. I knew I could call on these experienced professionals for advice anytime. That is what I will be doing for my daughter and for any young person in need of mentoring. If I help my daughter to succeed, then I help my grandson etc. After all is said and done, the Legacy we leave is our most cherished gift to family, friends and colleagues.

Throwing Down the 2016 Gauntlet

To the Members – finish what you started at the beginning of this year. Have you delivered on your promises to your practice, your clients and your family? Start drawing up plans to make 2017 a year of improvement and call the IARFC Team for ideas on how to better utilize member benefits. Make an appointment to take the MRFC exam.

To the IARFC Board and Support Team – finish tidying up the loose ends. The past six months have been a monumental change of direction and an organizational challenge. As I look back to April of this year, we have significantly revamped our focus. The meetings with the Board Directors scattered all over the country and our dedicated Team in Middletown are enjoyable and are instrumental in carving out a new direction. I will continue to challenge them to give the IARFC their best!

To Myself as Chairman – as a Southern euphemism charmingly expresses – the horses are ready to go but not hitched up. My job is to get us going and make 2017 a year of extreme progress and forward strides.

Explaining the Financial Planning Process

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An easy-to-understand visual to hand out to your clients!

The IARFC has a new trifold brochure Explaining the Financial Planning Process that clarifies expectations and sets a roadmap to financial success.  It is directed to the consumer, written in an easy-to-understand, organized manner.

SG107The brochure defines:

  • Reason to use a process
  • Benefits
  • Steps to follow
  • Financial areas

The information is adaptable to any practice.  It is generic, yet specific enough to guide the consumer through the essence of Financial Planning.

You can order the IARFC Brochure #SG107 at


Loren Dunton Memorial Award – Call for Nominations

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The Loren Dunton Memorial Award was established by the IARFC in 2000 and is awarded to the person who has made substantial dunton award_P1000068contribution to the financial services profession and who embodies Loren’s mission to “help persons wisely save, spend, invest, insure and plan for the future.”

Generally regarded as the “Father of Financial Planning”, Loren Dunton organized financial professionals in the late sixties and with their help created the financial planning movement including the formation of associations, magazines, colleges, university programs and foundations. He was able to use his experiences to frankly explain what all financial advisors now recognize – that the ethical sales of financial products and the delivery of competent advice is a noble calling. Loren Dunton was a man of vision who cared deeply about both financial consultants and consumers.

Nominate Your Candidate!
Do you know a financial consultant who has made a substantial contribution to the financial services profession and/or the financial interests of the public?  If you do, now is the time to submit his or her name for the 2017 Loren Dunton Memorial Award, the IARFC’s highest honor.

Participate by sending in a Nomination. For more details and instructions, click here.

Fall Issue of Journal of Personal Finance Available

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JPFcoverVol15Issue2The Fall 2016 Issue of the Journal of Personal Finance is available. Members can access the full online version by logging into their membership account or by joining the IARFC (a great member benefit).  Hard and PDF copies are available to members and non members alike at the IARFC store.

In this Fall 2016 issue:

  • Evaluating Financial Planning Strategies and Quantifying Their Economic Impact
  • Marriage and Taxes:  Who Pays?
  • Competing Risks:  Death and Ruin
  • College Student Attitudes toward Retirement Planning:  The Case of Mexico and the United States
  • Making Your Money Work:  Tax Refunds to Debt Reduction
  • IARFC National Financial Plan Competition:  Case Solution by Bryant College

About the JPF
The Journal of Personal Finance, a publication of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC), is distinctive in that it is practitioner oriented but is a refereed academic journal that promotes research to examine the impact of financial issues on households as well as research on the practice and profession of financial planning. Initiated in 2002, the Journal has grown in scope, acceptance and recognition among practitioners and academicians. Additionally, the Journal welcomes articles from practicing financial professionals and consultants about financial products and services, client relationships, retirement planning, long term care, practice management, or firm operation or efficiencies.


Competitive Group Insurance Offered to IARFC Members

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Brochure Image

The IARFC announces a partner program with The Standard Insurance Company and Michael Insurance Planning Company to offer Life, AD&D and LTD for members and their families. Eligibility is based on current membership with the IARFC.

Effective immediately, key benefits include:

  • highly affordable premiums with core coverage;
  • guaranteed issue/no medical or financial underwriting;
  • competitive premiums designed for consultants;
  • travel benefits and employee assistance programs.

For new members, these plans are available up to 30 days after joining the Association with no medical form required – guaranteed issue up to $250,000.

For current members and those who go past the 30 days, applicants must provide medical history. There is no physical required, but the questionnaire is in depth and then sent to underwriting to make a determination. Medical questionnaires vary from state to state. This is a substantial benefit to provide for staff associates.

“We feel this is an excellent option for those members who do not have access to large group insurance rates,” related Chairman H. Stephen Bailey. “Protection against life’s emergencies and illnesses is essential for everyone – client and consultant alike. I especially encourage new members to meet the 30 day enrollment requirement and sign up immediately.”

For more information on this Association benefit, contact Michael Insurance Planning at 800.932.4075800.932.4075or

IARFC CEO Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Macau

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Ed - Lifetime Achievement Award - 150dpiInternational events from this past August showcased the 11th Annual Worldwide Chinese Life Insurance Congress hosted by the Insurance Marketing Group International in Macau.

This is a Congress for Chinese Speaking life insurance and financial services professionals, elite agents, agency managers, and corporate executives. The delegation was over 7500 strong, which included 300+ Chairmen, CEOs, senior executives from 17 countries and over 200 insurance and financial services institutions. About 5% of the delegates were RFC®s.

During the conference, Ed Morrow, IARFC CEO was recognized by receiving the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. This annual award is given to a role model in the community who has demonstrated a long-lasting commitment in a financial services career. The criteria is at least 40 years working in the industry and being currently active. Ed being a strong and big supporter of the IARFC in Asia is greatly appreciated by the Asian RFC® community for his contributions to their needs and progress.



Are You Ethics Approved?

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2037265737The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) has initiated the Ethics Approved Renewal Program designed to promote adherence to the Association’s Code of Ethics. This program scrutinizes the practice history of each member and will award recognition to those who serve the public’s interest when dealing with their financial future.

Effective Immediately
The IARFC Team will be reviewing all membership renewals submitted to the Association and rewarding members for their long-term commitment to the IARFC Code of Ethics. They will be checking:

  • FINRA records,
  • State licensing records  conducting an
  • Internet search of each member’s name.

Clean Record
Members will need to have a clean record for the preceding five (5) years in order to qualify for the Ethics Approved Renewal. Members who qualify will receive an embossed seal stating they are “Ethics Approved” with the year of the review and is effective for two years.

“This is an effort towards increased transparency,” explained Chairman H. Stephen Bailey. “The public is more educated than ever and needs assurance of the background of their financial professional and their adherence to a Code of Ethics.”

Vice Chairman Nicholas Royer, weighed in on the significance of this transparency. “In my opinion, the RFC® designation is Gold Standard in the industry. Our members who hold the RFC® are the top financial consultants available, and they’ve proven it through the strenuous qualifications necessary to get this designation. With all the changes in the financial world in the last few years, this additional attention to ethics will raise the bar once again and help ensure to everyone that the financial professionals who carry the RFC® designation are truly the best of the best.”

Visit the IARFC Store to purchase your Canons of Ethical Behavior Wall Plaque.

I will atb108large all times put my clients interests above my own.
I will maintain proficiency in my work through continuing education.
When fee-based services are involved, I will charge a fair and reasonable fee based on the amount of the time and skill required.
I will abide by both the spirit and the letter of the laws and regulations applicable to financial planning services.
I will give my clients the same service I would give myself in the same circumstances.

Credit Card Fraud – Practical DOs and DON’Ts

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By “Coach Pete” D’Arruda

Credit Card Fraud is on the rise. Here are some practical DOs and DON’Ts:


  • Keep copies of all correspondence regarding disputed charges until the matter is resolved.
  • When you are at a cash register using your card, don’t let the card out of your sight, and get it back as quickly as possible.
  • Save all receipts. Compare them with what’s on the monthly statement.
  • Sign the back of your cards, and put your picture on them if that service is available.
  • Keep a record of your account numbers, their expiration dates, and the phone number and address of each company in a secure place.
  • Destroy all carbons immediately.
  • Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total. Don’t draw a zero, which could easily be altered.



  • Leave credit cards lying around. Either activate them, or cut them up.
  • Lend your card to anyone.
  • Ever sign a blank receipt.  It’s like signing a blank check.
  • Give out your account number over the phone unless you’re doing business with a company you’re sure of.
  • Write your account number on the outside of an envelope.

Investigate more  simple steps we can take that will protect us from financial fraud in the September/October Register. Many of them are so simple that you may do a double take. But it will make you a better steward of your financial affairs.  (see Consumer Focus article – Finding the Right Financial Advice – September/October Register).

Peter J. D’Arruda RFC, CTC
Is the IARFC President and a financial and tax coach. He is host of the nationally syndicated weekly radio show, The Financial Safari, as well as the author of four books, including “Fine Print Fiasco”, “Financial Safari, 7 Financial Baby Steps”, and “Have you been talking to Financial Aliens?”  Themes of these easy readers include helping others avoid being taken advantage of and translating financial jargon for any layperson.”
Contact:  919.657.4201


America’s Treasured Waterway – Mississippi River

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Cruising the Mississippi – the IARFC 2017 CE@SEA Destination

Sunrise silhouette of author Samuel Clemens.   The statue, of Clemens taking the helm of the paddleboat steering. Overlooks the Mississippi River, in Hannibal, Missouri.

The International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) is excited to announce their 2017 Riverboat Cruise on the Lower Mississippi. From Memphis to New Orleans, cruisers will experience the vibrant culture, rich history and diverse environment of America’s largest river – all which are the subject of fascinating Mark Twain stories.

Scheduled for July 1 through July 8, 2017, IARFC members and friends can enjoy this 7-day adventure on the American Cruise Lines’ “America” and attend the CE@SEATM continuing education conference onboard – a floating classroom of convenience.


We chose this domestic cruise this year as a way for members to reconnect with their own country’s roots at a leisurely pace,” relates IARFC Chairman H. Stephen Bailey. “No international flights, no passports, no language barriers – just Americana to be experienced by the turning of the paddle wheel.”

AMerica paddle wheeler

The trip includes:

  • all meals with wine and beer served with lunch and dinner
  • complimentary cocktail hour
  • one complimentary excursion at each port of call
  • nightly entertainment
  • daily on board expert lectures
  • pre-night accommodations in downtown Memphis adjacent to the historic Beale Street District with transfers to the riverboat.

Antebellum house


Private shore excursions will provide an insider’s perspective of classic Antebellum homes, Civil War battlefields and the iconic Oak Alley plantation. In the evenings, passengers can relax in comfort on their private balcony as they take in the spectacular rolling river views.

I am a southerner and an experienced IARFC cruiser,” explains Jon Rogers, IARFC Board Director. I am delighted that we are drawing people to our own country and our own treasured waterways. What could be better than to visit these geographical locations only read about in history books.”

Note:  Great Cruise Pricing!

  • Prices for this particular cruising date are approximately 12% off
    the standard pricing.
  • For those who book BEFORE 12/31/16 with a $500pp deposit, there will be a $400 stateroom savings and waiving of port charges and fees ($250pp).

Bookings:logo-american-cruiselines  Call Kimberly at the American Cruise Lines – 800.814.6880 x661 (mention the IARFC.)

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